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white masterbatch





Applications :
U-house enterprise WMB50 is an economic white masterbatch for general-purpose film application, and it recommend for such products as market shopping bag and giftware bag.
Features :
1.Saving production costs thanks to high color strength and high content of titanium dioxide pigments.
2.Perfect hiding power, high white degree, renewable materials and chromatins free.
3.Maintaining stability of different batches of colored products due to its excellent dispersibility.
4.Reducing plastic heat degradation and maintaining chemical stability of pigments and other additives.
5.Preventing workshop pollution thanks to easy operation.
SGS EN  71-3
Quoted test result should not be used for specification purposes but are typica test value intended for guidance only

This information is intended to be used only as a guidenline for designers and processors of modified thermoplastic for injection molding. Because injection mold design and processing iscomplex, a set solution will not slove all problem. Observation on a “ trial and error” basis may be required to achieve desired results.
Data are obtained from specimens molded under carefully controlled conditions from representative samples of the compound described herein.Properties may be materially affected by molding techniques applied and by the size and shape of the item malded.No assurance can be implied that all molded articles will have the same properties as those listed.

WMB50 Physical Properties
Property Value
Pigmenat 50 % R type Titanium Dioxide
Moisture Content 0.05%
Density 134g /100cc
Melt Flow Rate g/10min 20
Melt Temperture oC 130 - 230
Compatiblity PP,PE
Packaging kg/bag 25


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