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Raw Material
World-Class Certification and Severe Double-Check
Raw Material
  1. Adopting materials from Surint OMYA, the best calcium carbonate supplier of the world
  2. Cooperating with world-famous plastic supplier (EXXONMOBIL \ SABIC \ QAMAR \ PETRO RABIGH \ FORMOSA \ SUMITOMO)
  3. High-purity mineral calcium carbonate
  4. Certificated from SGS 16 heavy metal testing and food-grade test
  5. Passing filter density 45um test, and ensuring calcium carbonate masterbatch dispersibility
Production Process

We provide customized calcium carbon masterbatch in order to match customers’ demand and lower their cost through years of professional experiences within this field. 

Our main product categories are for,
1. Blow Film              5. Sheet
2. Raffia, Flat Yarn    6.PIPE
3. Blow mold             7.Non-woven
4. Injection mold       8.White masterbatch

Through our R&D’s effort, proudly we have 2 new products promoting in different regions and markets.

1. Filler masterbatch for PP Woven ( raffia )
Featuring: Increased filling quantity, tensile force of filament, and output; less falling powders and lower NPL ratio.
2. Filler masterbatch for PP injection and HDPE blow molding
Featuring: Increased filling quantity, product strength, and production efficiency; better dispersibility and higher consistency.

Production Process

Production Process
Quality Restriction
  • Double-layer Package
    To prevent Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch from being exposed to moisture in the processes of transportation, we use "plastic-lined kraft paper bags with inner plastic bags," which are made by PE/PP materials processed with high temperature and pressure to combine kraft papers and plastic woven fabrics. The water and moisture-proof bags ensure the qualities of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch.
    Double-layer Package
  • Moisture Test
    The moisture standard value of most calcium carbonate powders are supposed to be under 0.2% and U-HOUSE insists to make it under 0.1%. All efforts are in order prevent any influence caused by climate issue during transportation.

    Moisture Test
  • Film Blowing Test
    24 hours a day, film blowing test is undertaken every 30 minute through calcium carbonate masterbatch samples to inspect its dispersion. Averagely 30% of calcium carbonate masterbatch are added into production to avoid poor dispersion and rough surface which result in bad performances of film smoothness and printing flatness.
    Film Blowing Test
    U-HOUSE strictly checks on the quality of our calcium carbonate masterbatch and clearly exposes full digitized data on outer packaging to provide customers the best and the most trustful quality.
Quality Restriction